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Important note!

Important information for all customers, guests and online shop visitors!

For your protection as well as for the protection of our employees, "Zum Schwarzen Kameel" is currently closed due to the corona crisis!

Therefore we ask for your understanding that at the moment no orders are possible in our Online-Shop, because they are not being processed

Stay well and come back soon!

Yours, Peter Friese and the team from "Zum Schwarzen Kameel"

Photos and Impressions

Experience the "Zum Schwarzen Kameel" and get an optimal impression of the unique charm of our location in the middle of Vienna!

Picture gallery "Zum Schwarzen Kameel"

  • Welcome
  • The staff
  • Pavement cafe
  • Aperitivo classic
  • Viennese picnic
  • Fingerfood Schnitzerl
  • Christmas season
  • The Kameel book
  • Oyster bar in December
  • The colorful mixture
  • Campari Negroni
  • Original order from Beethoven
  • Presents
  • Come right in
  • Martina and Peter
  • Martina Walli
  • The fresh morning
  • Railway compartment
  • Headquarter reception
  • Service
  • The bar
  • Recipe from Maria Friese
  • Being spoilt for choice
  • Showcase
  • The production of sandwiches
  • The legend of legends
  • In position
  • The right glass
  • Homemade coffee
  • Taproom
  • The bar
  • The Kameelbreakfast
  • Play of colors
  • Hand cut
  • Bone in ham with horseradish
  • Delicacies
  • Sweets
  • Tartlets
  • The purchase
  • The ingredients
  • Kameels kitchen
  • Chef Sevgi Hartl
  • Original Viennese Art Nouveau
  • Maitre Gensbichler
  • Wine from Suedsteiermark
  • Classic Plus
  • The restaurant
  • Arranging
  • Cellar mysterys
  • Underworld wine cellar
  • Since 1618
  • 400 years Black Kameel
  • The 400th birthday
  • Birthday cake
  • The late evening
  • Bognergasse 5