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The Patisserie

The heart of our patisserie undoubtedly is the black glass cabinet, a true original of Josef Hoffmann, presenting the products of our patisserie in the midst of our guests.

Chamelle sweet jars: Sacher cake, pure chocolate, apple strudel, seasonal: raspberry-lime, strawberry, sour cherry-chestnut, plum-marzipan

Cakes and Cakelettes: poppy seeds and apple, dark chocolate, amaretto-Baumkuchen (spit cake) or Sacher cake with apricot jam

Cookies: Chocolate cookies, Linzeraugen apricot, cinnamon sticks, cheese crackers

Typical Viennese treasures: Esterhazy slice, Kameel cube, raspberry tartlet, Parisian Spitz, Sponge rolls, chocolate-covered strawberries, Punschkrapfen

Delectable confectionary: Mozartkugel, Sisi´s candied violets and exquisite truffles with grappa raisins as well as mini confectionary with raspberry, apricot, sour cherry, violet, rose, elderberry, lemon thyme, lavender and lemon verbena

Kameel petit four's

find out about our sweet little Kameel delicacies

Our sweet chamelle glasses are waiting for you

Apfelstrudel, chocolate-pure, etc.

Our delicious dipped strawberries

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Our fairy cakes

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Delicious handmade chocolates: chocolate with Wachau apricot, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts, milk chocolate with caramelized walnuts, dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts, dark chocolate, Viennese cat tongues and Chocolate - orange

The products of our patisserie can be found and purchased in our bar area.

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